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The CAVU Club membership offers a suite of services including IHAV screening and monitoring, Cryopreservation, and discounts on COLT(™). The program is intended for pet owners who are concerned that their dog may, at some point over the pet’s lifetime, develop cancer. One in three dogs will at some point develop cancer. For some breeds the risk is much greater.

CAVU Club membership is open to all for a monthly rate of $25 or an annual membership of $250.  Eighty percent of all paid dues are applied to treatment, if ever needed. Membership includes the following:

  • Complimentary quarterly dog treats

  • A yearly IHAV screen

  • Annual fee waived for cryopreservation of your dog’ sample

  • Participation in our pet contests and eligibility to win prizes

  • Discounts on COLT(™)  treatment

Membership Length     Discount on Treatment

One Year                                               5%

Two Years                                            10% 

Three Years                                         15%

Four Years                                           20%

Five Years and beyond                      25%

Example: A 5 year member would only have to pay $2200 for COLT(™) treatment (retails $4000)

                                                                       * excludes vet admin and infusion costs  

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