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Cryopreservation of test tube on liquid

Safe DePawsit


Safe DePawsit allows owners to freeze back their dog's, or cat's healthy immune system for future Autologous Prescription Product By CAVU use.

A simple blood sample is drawn at the veterinary clinic at your request and is sent to our laboratories for processing and storage.

By storing a healthy blood sample in advance, Safe DePawsit may provide stronger white blood cells to expand and retrain for future personalized immunotherapies to treat cancer and other diseases.

Immune Health Panel  

The IHAV is a proactive immune health monitoring service that can describe your dog's or cat's immune system.


A simple blood sample is drawn from your pet in the veterinary clinic at your or the veterinarian's request and sent to CAVU Biotherapies.


The blood sample is analyzed for different  white blood cell populations to determine to your dog's or cat's immune system status.


This data can provide important information on how the immune system is working and if there are any underlying issues.

Activation of the immune response: antig

APP (T cell Therapy)

Autologous Prescription Product by CAVU (APP) is a patented personalized immunotherapy that "teaches an old immune system new tricks" by retraining and expanding your client's dog's T cells. APP by CAVU is used in conjunction with several types of standard of care therapies to treat cancer at this time.


The APP by CAVU may add significant benefit by creating an extended anti-tumor immunity, as well as, quality of life.


The Autologous Prescription Product by CAVU must be requested, prescribed and administered by a licensed veterinarian.  


USDA Approved Required Statement to Owners and Veterinarians:

Possible Benefits of Experimental Autologous Prescription Product by  CAVU 

The benefit to your dog associated with this service is not completely known. This is an experimental and individualized therapeutic. Efficacy and safety have not been established. Due to its personalized nature, individual results will vary, and no individual result should be seen as typical. Results are not guaranteed.


Experimental Autologous Prescription Product by CAVU Possible Toxicities:

Fever, decreased energy, malaise, gastrointestinal upset (vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite), metallic smell to the breath, vasculitis, tachycardia, shock, off-target tissue destruction, cytokine release syndrome, tumor lysis syndrome, lymph node swelling, pulmonary edema, seizures, transfusion-like related side effects, anaphylaxis, aggravation of immune- mediated disease, "Grade 4 Immune Reaction", and death.

Talk to your veterinarian about prescribing APP By CAVU Immunotherapy to help your dog or cat with cancer.

Clinics can reach out to CAVU directly at to get started.

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