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Cryobanking allows owners to freeze back their dog's healthy immune system for future Autologous Prescription Product use. A simple blood sample is drawn at the veterinary clinic at your request and is sent to our laboratories for processing and storage. By storing a healthy blood sample in advance, cryobanking may provide stronger white blood cells to expand and retrain for personalized immuno-services, especially to breeds with high cancer risks.

Immune Health And Vitals (IHAV)

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The IHAV is a planned proactive immune health monitoring service that can describe your dog's immune system. A simple blood sample is drawn from your dog in the veterinary clinic at your or the veterinarian's request and sent to CAVU Biotherapies. The IHAV uses certain metrics to take an in-depth look at your dog's immune system status. This data can provide important information on how the immune system is responding to Autologous Prescription Product and cancer.  

Autologous Prescription Product

Available Now

CAVU's Autologous Prescription Product is a patent-pending personalized service that "teaches an old immune system new tricks" by retraining and expanding your client's dog's T cells to recognize and fight cancer.

CAVU Biotherapies believes Autologous Prescription Product may add significant value to your client's dog and family through improved quality of life.  Autologous Prescription Product may add significant benefit by creating an extended anti-tumor immunity, as well as, through its simplified administration process, preferable adjunct therapy, and cost-effectiveness. Autologous Prescription Product must be requested and administered by veterinarians.  Please contact us for more information.

"CAVU's Autologous Prescription Product is an experimental product and efficacy has not been established."

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