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Veterinary Partners

Scroll down to find a list of CAVU veterinary clinics, Care Credit affiliations and information on pet insurance coverage


*** Denotes a Care Credit Partner

No CAVU Biotherapies veterinarian in your area?  Send their contact information to us and a representative will contact the practice about becoming a CAVU service provider. 

Pet Insurance Coverage 

Autologous Prescription Product and other services may be covered by your client's pet insurance. Coverage depends on:

1) Carrier

2) Type of Plan

3) Indication

4) Pre-existing condition

CAVU's Autologous Prescription Product must be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian for B-cell Lymphoma.  We are actively working on more personalized protocols to fight other cancers. Below is our growing list of coverage partners.

Our representatives would be happy to work with your clinic's clients and their insurance company on coverage. Please email us at with "INSURANCE" in the subject line.

Healthy and happy dog running in the ocean
Trupanion, pet insurance
Embrace, pet insurance
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