In the wake of the COVID19 outbreak, CAVU is working hard to continue providing important t-cell treatments for your pet while ensuring the safety of our community. We have taken added measures to heighten our sterilization and cleaning protocols to make sure all equipment and surfaces are safe for use by the Veterinary Clinics, hospitals and oncologists that trust us to help save their pet patients.

We realize that canine cancer can strike at any time and we want to continue providing vital t-cell treatments to pet patients who are afflicted with this deadly disease, and we do this while taking additional measures to ensure the safety of our veterinarians, veterinary oncologist partners, pet parents and pet patients alike.


As always, our team is committed to processes that will minimize the risk of COVID19 exposure for our patients, vet partners and team by implementing the following steps:


  • Our technicians and researchers continue to use Personal Protection Equipment and strict Aseptic Techniques per our company’s standard quality control procedures and policies. We ensure sterility and safety for patients, vets, technicians and engineers.

  • Our normal operating procedures prohibit technicians who are feeling ill from entering the manufacturing room or from handling any patient samples. Any CAVU team member that may have been exposed to the virus is required to self-quarantine for 14 days. To date, no one in our staff has been knowingly exposed to COVID19.

  • We continue to vigilantly enforce these standards, as these have been our quality control processes since we opened our doors. 


CAVU remains dedicated to the manufacturing of quality products and immune testing. Given the current environment there is the possibility that supply chain disruptions may cause the need to limit or stop production. Should this occur, CAVU will contact all owners and veterinarians immediately. While we are currently experiencing some minor supply chain disruptions, they are not enough to stop production at this time. We have, however, decided not to ship infusions for 30 days due to the fluid pandemic situation. 


We appreciate your cooperation with these updates to keep everyone safe so we can continue to be here for you and your furry family members and patients.


Should you have any questions please contact our CEO, Colleen O’Connor at 859.816.7399. Or email


Thank you, and stay safe.

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