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CAVU means

"Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited"

That is our view on the impact and future of cancer immunotherapy.
Our ambition is to change the world by keeping pet families intact longer while becoming the global leader in immune-guided personalized medicine.  Our focus is not only on ending canine cancer, but translating the personalized immunotherapies to treat horses, cats, humans and autoimmune diseases.
Come join us, so all species can work together to create a world that's full joy and possibilities.


" I would highly consider this therapy for other patients given the ease of administration and lack of side effects. We are excited to have T-cell therapy available through CAVU Biotherapies to our patients and the opportunities this provides for future cancer treatment."

—  Erin Roof DVM DACVIM, Veterinarian Oncologist

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Innovative Personalized Services
Experienced Scientific Team
State-of-the-Art Laboratory
Caring and Compassionate Staff
Trusted by Veterinarian Oncologists
Government Authorized  to Provide Autologous Prescription Product

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